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Associated project run by UKHSA

Snapshot Mosquito Surveillance 2024

About the project:

Understanding the distribution of mosquitoes is an integral part of investigating the potential for mosquito borne diseases, including those that can affect humans and wildlife such as birds. The Medical Entomology and Zoonoses Ecology (MEZE) team at UKHSA are developing mosquito surveillance across England. MEZE are also part of the VB-RADAR project with APHA, the BTO, and IoZ, which aims to further understand the occurrence of mosquito-borne viruses. We are looking for volunteers to help monitor mosquitoes at wetland areas across every region of the country by conducting two short trapping sessions: one in August and the other in September 2024.

Project aims:

Volunteers are needed to run a mosquito trap at wetland habitats such at bogs, fens, marshes, wet woodland, reedbeds, saltmarshes and floodplains. The aim is to run mosquito traps in each 50km grid square in England (see map). 

We hope that this enhancement of our surveillance will help us gather data to further understand the future risks arboviruses may have to humans and other animals.


We hope to get representation from every grid square on the map!

anthony .jpg

How you can help?
Would you be interested in running a small mosquito trap for us during the weeks of 12th-25th August and once again during the weeks of 2nd-15th September?

We require the mosquito trap to run for 3 consecutive days during each of these two sampling periods.

The trap must be set up at a local wetland habitat or nature reserve.  After the end of the 3-day trapping period, the mosquito catch would need to be posted back on the same day, for identification at our laboratory.

We provide all equipment required, including mosquito traps and stamped addressed envelopes.

We are very happy to provide further information to answer any questions you may have and will provide guidance and support to all volunteers during the trapping time.

How to apply:

To take part, please email, and include your contact details, and the name of the local wetland where you can run the trap. Please put “SNAPSHOT 2024” in the subject heading.

Please do let us know if you can help us by the 7th June 2024

The BG Pro Mosquito Trap:

The project will be conducted using the BG Pro Mosquito Trap, a compact trap that is simple to set-up and transport. Mosquitoes are attracted to the trap by the lure attractant and external yeast solution, designed to mimic bird and mammal hosts. Mosquitoes are then trapped inside a sample container, which is then removed from the trap and posted for analysis. The BG Pro is designed to specifically capture mosquitoes, and as it has no light source, will not attract moths.


The BG Pro is a small and easy-to-assemble trap

Videos to help you set up your BG Pro trap

Setting up a BG Pro trap
Preparing BG Pro trap to produce CO2
Setting up trap outdoors and mosquito collection
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